Dealing with a Chronic Injury

Over the last few years I have seen my fair share of orthopedic surgeons for my right knee. In April 2013 I was knocked over in a soccer game and tore my ACL clear in half. About a month later I had reconstruction surgery and figured I had a few months of rehab ahead of me and life would be back to normal. Little did I know that a mere year and a half later I would take a tumble that would sever my ACL once again. I pretended everything was fine for a few months and eventually caved and had my second reconstruction in June 2015. So for a quick recap:Pretty exciting stuff right? And, yes I used power point, this is my nerdy office loving self coming out, perhaps one day I will even find a reason to put a spreadsheet in a post, let’s all cross our fingers for that. Continue reading


The Holiday Haze Has Cleared

I think I can speak for both of us when I say the holidays completely distracted us from posting on this new blog of ours! I (Megan) was hosting for about 10 days, then was reclaiming my house with cleaning etc., and then New Years showed up and again, more people! It was so great to have all our family together and see so many friends over the last week or so. I am quite excited that it is January and ready to get back into the swing of “normal” life. I am off work until the 8th and will be using the next week to see a few friends I wasn’t able to over the holidays.

The holiday week was filled with festive sweaters and more stockings and stocking stuffers than my mantle could handle:

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My 2017 Lessons Learned

I think this post is an appropriate follow up to Lily’s post about her (not so) big 31st birthday and the coming year. 2017 has been a game changer for me. I have distanced myself from some toxic relationships, gone all in with some amazing ones, started grad school, and made some mental shifts to love myself in a variety of states. I started a new job Oct 2016 and due to that, my commute has gone from a 25 minute drive to an hour plus commute that includes driving, riding the metro, and walking. In an effort to not fall asleep on the train I started listening to podcasts. I am a sucker for some goofy trashy podcasts (hello Off The Vine and Mouthing off with Olivia), however; the bulk of my listening falls with some badass men and women who are all about self love, fueling for health, staying active to feel strong, and surrounding yourself by other badasses.

My current favorites are:

Well-Fed Women Podcast

Mind Pump

Is This Podcast Paleo?

PaleOMG Uncensored

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Dirty Thirty (plus 1)

I recently (October) turned the big 3-1.

It wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be, probably because my 30th rocked my socks off. Last year, I had a Jane Austen themed party and Mr. Speedy wore a tux and served us wine over a candle-lit dinner. Photo evidence below.


I am centered in the lovely sage colored gown with bonnet. We took this before too much wine consumption, so no one would fall into the lake.

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Weekly Work Outs + Friday Food Favorites

Earlier this week Lillian’s husband decided to add us to a challenge group through Garmin Connect. We all love our Garmin watches (which we can write up reviews of eventually) and are admittedly quite competitive. Mr.Speedy set himself up for a quick win. This challenge was directly tied to the number of miles ran in a week. Seeing as Lillian is 11 weeks postpartum and that I can only run once a week before my knee starts crying, Mr.Speedy crushed us.

We decided that on Fridays we will do a weekly wrap up of our work outs and share a favorite meal from the week. This blog is still in it’s infancy (hello 2nd post!) and we are excited to have a diary that shows two people who train and eat wildly different and how that changes over the years.
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Leg Day is The Best Day

My love affair with exercise started at a young age. I have done all the things: gymnastic, karate, swimming, diving, track and field, tough mudders, distance running, traithloning, and traditional weight lifting. I was pretty devastated when I tore my ACL for the first time in 2013, at that point in life running was my activity of choice. Recovering from knee surgery is no walk in the park and I was lucky enough to do that dance twice (woof). Unfortunately I have something called “multi-directional instability of the ligaments”, basically my ligament are like over stretched rubber bands, I am Gumby. Due to this ailment, ACL reconstruction is not a viable fix for my knee. My knee will temporarily feel like it is getting better and then it will start to stretch out and eventually begin failing on me. Things like taking sharp turns and sports that involve any cutting movements are out of the question, unless I am wearing my sweet knee brace.Picture1
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