Weekly Work Outs + Some Food!

Good Morning Internet Friends, Megan here to kick the post off. It’s been a busy week of work, school, and gymming. On Saturday I spent the afternoon with my girlfriend doing hot yoga and taking her sweet puppy on a walk through the woods. This dog has the most insanely expressive eyes and permanent cat eye make up : ) Then on Sunday my husband came to the gym with me! He normally works out during work hours so the frequency in which we work out together is only a handful of times a year.

I did a bit of cooking this week and my favorite meal by far ended up being a vegetarian dinner I whipped up last night. The ingredients are as follows: 1 can of black beans, 1 can of full fat coconut milk, 1/2 cup lentils, bunch of kale, sriracha and/or chili garlic paste, and curry powder! It turned out amazing and was super filling. You may notice some greens that are not kale, that is just left over broccoli slaw that I had in the fridge. So if you have extra veggies that you need to use up, this pot is a great place to put them.

Work outs this week have been pretty enjoyable. I have been quite sore. Legs on Sunday was a doozie and the Wednesday back and rower work out basically destroyed my trunk. I have been sneaking abs in to all of my work outs this week and boy can I feel it.

I am currently working with a nutrition coach to help me hit some body composition goals before my 30th in May. Working with Alex has been great accountability to plan out my food a bit more and be conscious to not snack when I get home. She has me at the highest macros/calories a coach has ever set me at and I am losing fat. It is pretty cool! I am actually finding that come dinner time it is hit or miss if I eat my entire portion. The goal is to of course hit the set macros and I average out through out the week pretty spot on to what she has me set at. Any who, I will update ya’ll on my progress as the countdown to my birthing dwindles. Only 87 days, but whose counting.

Work Outs:
Saturday: 90 min hot bikram
Sunday: legs
Monday: 60 min easy yoga
Tuesday: rest/ 60 min walk w/ hubs and dog
Wednesday: back/core/abs + 15 min rower sprints
Thursday: legs + 20 min incline walking
Friday: chest/shoulder/core

Have a great weekend!!!


This week is my LAST WEEK of the bootcamp and I am feeling the results. I was able to do 2 chin-ups in a row which is a major victory post-baby. Getting back my strength finally! These were my workouts this week:

Work Outs:
Saturday: 7 mile run in icy/snowy conditions
Sunday: Backs & Triceps
Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Body Weight HIIT + 3 mile progressive run
Wednesday: Chest, Biceps, Shoulders
Thursday: rest day… but I started teaching swim lessons this evening at my gym so that is kind of like a mini-workout
Friday: Legs and if I have time, a 1/2 mile swim to stretch out

Food is pretty much the same as it has been… so unworthy that I did not take any pictures. I did discover that making a protein smoothie with grapes and kale was NOT a good choice. Really gross so don’t ever mix those together.

This weekend I am looking forward to book club with my ladies. We read Born a Crime by Trevor Noah… amazing. Listen to the audio if you can but I recommend this to anyone!

xoxo Lillian



Weekly Work Outs + Friday Favorites

TGIF! And goodbye January, hello February!

I don’t know about anybody else but each month closer to spring the better. I LOATHE winter and the cold. I probably shouldn’t live in Michigan BUT we do have amazing lakes everywhere. I snapped this picture on Sunday – this is what I get to wake up to and see with my morning coffee:


I guess I’ll keep living in this arctic frozen tundra. Sigh.

Workouts were solid this week!

Sat: swam 2400 yards (did my fastest 1000 yard post-baby at 14:50! whoop!)
Sun: Leg workout
Mon: Chest, Front Delts, Biceps
Tues: swam 3000 yards
Wed: Back, Rear/Side Delts, Triceps
Thurs: REST DAY – I took my 4 month old for her checkup AND got her ears pierced. I know, I am the nicest mother to schedule that all at once.
Fri: Leg workout

Getting baby’s ears pierced was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. She screamed BLOODY-MURDER-NO-BREATHING-RED-FACE-SCARY SCREAMS for about 7 minutes. Then passed out and forgot about it.

I took the day off work for this ordeal and planned a rest day…. so you bet your butt I snuggled pretty much all day with her. It was lovely 🙂 Also, the left picture makes me realize I have a really small head… or her head is big? Does it not look like it is the same size? Should I be worried? Deep thoughts.

Meals are pretty lame and nothing exciting. I have been using coconut oil which is a first! It makes everything taste so sweet.

xoxo Lillian


Hi Friends!! Just so you all know the reason this is going up on Saturday is because I failed to update my half on Friday : )

Saturday: short lower body lift, walk, and hike
Sunday: rest
Monday: 40 min walk
Tuesday: lower body
Wednesday: back/shoulder/accessory
Thursday: lower body
Friday: chest/accessory + 50 min incline walking

Since it’s Saturday I’ll tell you want I am doing now… eating and then heading to a 90 min hot yoga class with my gf and her husband! I haven’t done yoga in a while so I am pretty excited for today! As a new client for this studio system I get one week or free classes and there are a few studios by my office and home! My goal for the coming week will be to get in 2 more times for yoga. I always feel so refreshed after!

This week has been a doozy. School is back in session, work is getting busier, and my husband has had a fuller schedule too. I am so happy I meal prep on the weekends because it has made eating during the week so much quicker!

I just checked my camera roll and I have literally no pictures from this week!!! WHO AM I. Here is a photo from last week when I brought lunch to a conference and was the only dweeb eating out of tupperware : )

Have a great weekend!!


Dirty Thirty (plus 1)

I recently (October) turned the big 3-1.

It wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be, probably because my 30th rocked my socks off. Last year, I had a Jane Austen themed party and Mr. Speedy wore a tux and served us wine over a candle-lit dinner. Photo evidence below.


I am centered in the lovely sage colored gown with bonnet. We took this before too much wine consumption, so no one would fall into the lake.

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Weekly Work Outs + Friday Food Favorites

Earlier this week Lillian’s husband decided to add us to a challenge group through Garmin Connect. We all love our Garmin watches (which we can write up reviews of eventually) and are admittedly quite competitive. Mr.Speedy set himself up for a quick win. This challenge was directly tied to the number of miles ran in a week. Seeing as Lillian is 11 weeks postpartum and that I can only run once a week before my knee starts crying, Mr.Speedy crushed us.

We decided that on Fridays we will do a weekly wrap up of our work outs and share a favorite meal from the week. This blog is still in it’s infancy (hello 2nd post!) and we are excited to have a diary that shows two people who train and eat wildly different and how that changes over the years.
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