Weekly Work Outs + Friday Favorites

TGIF! And goodbye January, hello February!

I don’t know about anybody else but each month closer to spring the better. I LOATHE winter and the cold. I probably shouldn’t live in Michigan BUT we do have amazing lakes everywhere. I snapped this picture on Sunday – this is what I get to wake up to and see with my morning coffee:


I guess I’ll keep living in this arctic frozen tundra. Sigh.

Workouts were solid this week!

Sat: swam 2400 yards (did my fastest 1000 yard post-baby at 14:50! whoop!)
Sun: Leg workout
Mon: Chest, Front Delts, Biceps
Tues: swam 3000 yards
Wed: Back, Rear/Side Delts, Triceps
Thurs: REST DAY – I took my 4 month old for her checkup AND got her ears pierced. I know, I am the nicest mother to schedule that all at once.
Fri: Leg workout

Getting baby’s ears pierced was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. She screamed BLOODY-MURDER-NO-BREATHING-RED-FACE-SCARY SCREAMS for about 7 minutes. Then passed out and forgot about it.

I took the day off work for this ordeal and planned a rest day…. so you bet your butt I snuggled pretty much all day with her. It was lovely 🙂 Also, the left picture makes me realize I have a really small head… or her head is big? Does it not look like it is the same size? Should I be worried? Deep thoughts.

Meals are pretty lame and nothing exciting. I have been using coconut oil which is a first! It makes everything taste so sweet.

xoxo Lillian


Hi Friends!! Just so you all know the reason this is going up on Saturday is because I failed to update my half on Friday : )

Saturday: short lower body lift, walk, and hike
Sunday: rest
Monday: 40 min walk
Tuesday: lower body
Wednesday: back/shoulder/accessory
Thursday: lower body
Friday: chest/accessory + 50 min incline walking

Since it’s Saturday I’ll tell you want I am doing now… eating and then heading to a 90 min hot yoga class with my gf and her husband! I haven’t done yoga in a while so I am pretty excited for today! As a new client for this studio system I get one week or free classes and there are a few studios by my office and home! My goal for the coming week will be to get in 2 more times for yoga. I always feel so refreshed after!

This week has been a doozy. School is back in session, work is getting busier, and my husband has had a fuller schedule too. I am so happy I meal prep on the weekends because it has made eating during the week so much quicker!

I just checked my camera roll and I have literally no pictures from this week!!! WHO AM I. Here is a photo from last week when I brought lunch to a conference and was the only dweeb eating out of tupperware : )

Have a great weekend!!