Weekly Work Outs + Some Food!

Good Morning Internet Friends, Megan here to kick the post off. It’s been a busy week of work, school, and gymming. On Saturday I spent the afternoon with my girlfriend doing hot yoga and taking her sweet puppy on a walk through the woods. This dog has the most insanely expressive eyes and permanent cat eye make up : ) Then on Sunday my husband came to the gym with me! He normally works out during work hours so the frequency in which we work out together is only a handful of times a year.

I did a bit of cooking this week and my favorite meal by far ended up being a vegetarian dinner I whipped up last night. The ingredients are as follows: 1 can of black beans, 1 can of full fat coconut milk, 1/2 cup lentils, bunch of kale, sriracha and/or chili garlic paste, and curry powder! It turned out amazing and was super filling. You may notice some greens that are not kale, that is just left over broccoli slaw that I had in the fridge. So if you have extra veggies that you need to use up, this pot is a great place to put them.

Work outs this week have been pretty enjoyable. I have been quite sore. Legs on Sunday was a doozie and the Wednesday back and rower work out basically destroyed my trunk. I have been sneaking abs in to all of my work outs this week and boy can I feel it.

I am currently working with a nutrition coach to help me hit some body composition goals before my 30th in May. Working with Alex has been great accountability to plan out my food a bit more and be conscious to not snack when I get home. She has me at the highest macros/calories a coach has ever set me at and I am losing fat. It is pretty cool! I am actually finding that come dinner time it is hit or miss if I eat my entire portion. The goal is to of course hit the set macros and I average out through out the week pretty spot on to what she has me set at. Any who, I will update ya’ll on my progress as the countdown to my birthing dwindles. Only 87 days, but whose counting.

Work Outs:
Saturday: 90 min hot bikram
Sunday: legs
Monday: 60 min easy yoga
Tuesday: rest/ 60 min walk w/ hubs and dog
Wednesday: back/core/abs + 15 min rower sprints
Thursday: legs + 20 min incline walking
Friday: chest/shoulder/core

Have a great weekend!!!


This week is my LAST WEEK of the bootcamp and I am feeling the results. I was able to do 2 chin-ups in a row which is a major victory post-baby. Getting back my strength finally! These were my workouts this week:

Work Outs:
Saturday: 7 mile run in icy/snowy conditions
Sunday:Β Backs & Triceps
Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Body Weight HIIT + 3 mile progressive run
Wednesday: Chest, Biceps, Shoulders
Thursday: rest day… but I started teaching swim lessons this evening at my gym so that is kind of like a mini-workout
Friday:Β Legs and if I have time, a 1/2 mile swim to stretch out

Food is pretty much the same as it has been… so unworthy that I did not take any pictures. I did discover that making a protein smoothie with grapes and kale was NOT a good choice. Really gross so don’t ever mix those together.

This weekend I am looking forward to book club with my ladies. We read Born a Crime by Trevor Noah… amazing. Listen to the audio if you can but I recommend this to anyone!

xoxo Lillian



Lily in DC!

Goood Morning!

It’s been a few weeks since Lily joined me in Virginia was a fun weekend of friend things. First things first, I got in an awesome workout in the morning, stopped at Costco to grab a bunch of flowers, and worked a full day. I am super into floral arrangements lately and put together this beaut in anticipation of Lily’s arrival. You should never stop wooing your friends ; ) Lily’s flight was delayed a few hours and she got to be a badass mom just momming around at the airport with her tiny human. On top a delay, once she landed in DC and went to grab her stroller from gate checking she discovered that one of the clips that attaches the carrier to the seat was MISSING. Not an ideal start by any means BUT when she came strolling out of the airport wearing Sloane, pushing a stroller with a partially attached child seat, and pulling her carry on she was beaming. GF CRUSHED it. I would have taken a picture of this spectacle but the airport staff directing traffic in the pick up area was trigger happy and close to giving me a ticket as I pointed to Lily being like I WILL NOT TAKE A LAP HOLD ON.On Friday night we just hung out around the house and caught up on all the things. On Saturday morning we headed to the gym and went through one of Lily’s Lean Body Bootcamp work outs. I love love love teaching people proper movement so Lily got a crash course in some of her exercises. Thankfully she is an awesome student and really enjoyed it. After we got back to the house and cleaned ourselves up we went to go meet one of Lily’s friends from grad school. We had a coffee date, lunch date, and then walked around the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria.

After coming home we all went a little crazy playing with face swap. It is pretty terrifying putting a baby face on an adult. It is also very weird when a child with light eyebrows all of a sudden has some epic dark ones. Lily and I actually don’t look too terrifying. What brown beauties we are.

Sunday we hit the gym again and I dragged Lily through a work out full of squats and deadlifts. She was a trooper and by the end her form was on point. Sunday we hung out around the house, ate snacks, had some other friends over with kiddies, and had a relaxed Sunday.
Every time Sloane and I are reunited we will recreate the above pictures. On the left she was 7 weeks and on the right is 16 weeks old. It is crazy how much more aware of her surroundings she is now. Look at her, just chillen and reading books by herself. So self sufficient.Β  She didn’t dig into the snacks we made but we surely did. All the food was gone by the end of the day. We actually ended up making some more chicken once more friends came over. It was pretty great to have healthy food to snack on and not feel like a load in the morning.
I always find it challenging to graze throughout the day without feeling super full. This is a skill I am working on because I have found that lately I much prefer weekends where I graze on random things rather than slave away on meals. Sunday’s are normally prep days so I don’t really get in the groove of cooking unless the mood really strikes.

Weekly Work Outs + Friday Favorites

TGIF! And goodbye January, hello February!

I don’t know about anybody else but each month closer to spring the better. I LOATHE winter and the cold. I probably shouldn’t live in Michigan BUT we do have amazing lakes everywhere. I snapped this picture on Sunday – this is what I get to wake up to and see with my morning coffee:


I guess I’ll keep living in this arctic frozen tundra. Sigh.

Workouts were solid this week!

Sat: swam 2400 yards (did my fastest 1000 yard post-baby at 14:50! whoop!)
Sun: Leg workout
Mon: Chest, Front Delts, Biceps
Tues: swam 3000 yards
Wed: Back, Rear/Side Delts, Triceps
Thurs: REST DAY – I took my 4 month old for her checkup AND got her ears pierced. I know, I am the nicest mother to schedule that all at once.
Fri: Leg workout

Getting baby’s ears pierced was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. She screamed BLOODY-MURDER-NO-BREATHING-RED-FACE-SCARY SCREAMS for about 7 minutes. Then passed out and forgot about it.

I took the day off work for this ordeal and planned a rest day…. so you bet your butt I snuggled pretty much all day with her. It was lovely πŸ™‚ Also, the left picture makes me realize I have a really small head… or her head is big? Does it not look like it is the same size? Should I be worried? Deep thoughts.

Meals are pretty lame and nothing exciting. I have been using coconut oil which is a first! It makes everything taste so sweet.

xoxo Lillian


Hi Friends!! Just so you all know the reason this is going up on Saturday is because I failed to update my half on Friday : )

Saturday: short lower body lift, walk, and hike
Sunday: rest
Monday: 40 min walk
Tuesday: lower body
Wednesday: back/shoulder/accessory
Thursday: lower body
Friday: chest/accessory + 50 min incline walking

Since it’s Saturday I’ll tell you want I am doing now… eating and then heading to a 90 min hot yoga class with my gf and her husband! I haven’t done yoga in a while so I am pretty excited for today! As a new client for this studio system I get one week or free classes and there are a few studios by my office and home! My goal for the coming week will be to get in 2 more times for yoga. I always feel so refreshed after!

This week has been a doozy. School is back in session, work is getting busier, and my husband has had a fuller schedule too. I am so happy I meal prep on the weekends because it has made eating during the week so much quicker!

I just checked my camera roll and I have literally no pictures from this week!!! WHO AM I. Here is a photo from last week when I brought lunch to a conference and was the only dweeb eating out of tupperware : )

Have a great weekend!!


Learning to Lift Weights

I am in my 5th week of the LBB and have learned A LOT.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 7.03.23 PM

Well, actually, I thought I learned a lot but then I visited Megan and went to the gym with her to lift and she blew my little lifting-socks off and taught me even more. Let me say, prior to this bootcamp, I NEVER ( I am not exaggerating people) lifted weights. The few times I wandered into that ‘scary’ area of the gym, I would usually find a safe looking machine (one that looked like a simple chair, or perhaps park bench with minimal torture devices sticking out of it). I would then sit on safe looking machine and stare into the weights and wonder about seriously important things like do people actually iron their socks and if so, do they also feel the need to iron their underwear.

I have always loved cardio and preferred it, but now I realize that I never tried lifting weights and that was probably the main reason I was heavy on cardio.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 7.02.55 PM

In these 5 weeks I have learned:

  1. How to work all my body groups – legs, arms, back, chest, buttocks, etc.
  2. That it is okay to completely fail at trying an exercise and even doing an exercise missing the weights.
  3. Weights is not about speed – slow and steady, so you feel the muscle work. (this took me like 3 weeks to realize because I kept thinking you had to go fast like running! and swimming! ha)
  4. Some days are not lift days (just like some days are not made for running) and that is okay to recognize that and do something else.
  5. Dumbbells, contrary to their name, are not dumb at all.
  6. I had no idea a bench could be slanted in so many different directions and cause muscles to work so much.
  8. Back and arm lifts are my favorite.
  9. Leg day is my least favorite (which is Megan’s favorite!)
  10. I still find the machines super intimidating and the people that grunt.

My progress in this program has been quite slow (I will post on this later) and that is mainly due to having a baby that is full-time breastfeeding. I learned quickly in week one that I cannot restrict my diet very much and if I don’t drink enough water, milk goes down immediately. If I don’t have enough fat, it goes down. Baby is not happy when milk isn’t quality, let me tell you.


I have lost some inches, pounds and gained a lot of confidence in lifting. I have been able to stick to running/swimming for my HIIT workouts, which is nice. I feel like I have found a balance with my diet where I can see some results and keep milk-monster happy.

If you are thinking about trying something new, I say GO FOR IT. I kind of signed up for this camp on a whim and was like ‘Yes! I am going to do it!’ and then the day before it started, I was kind of freaking out and like ‘Oh my gosh, I have no idea what to do with weights. This is uncomfortable. Haaaalp.’ But I am really glad that I am trying something new and love challenging my body.

What are you thinking about trying new this year?

xoxo Lillian

Weekly Work Outs + Friday Favorites

Hi, Lillian here and first I want to say that OBVIOUSLY Megan and I need to work on our consistency with blogging (hello several weeks of silence) but aren’t too shook up about it. One of the main reasons we decided to tackle a blog together was that a) easier to post with two people and b) we both wanted to blog but didn’t want the pressure of running one solo. Don’t be mad at our lack of posts at times. It is simply a reflection of when our lives get a little busy and the blog takes a backseat for a bit.

ANYWHO – here was my workouts this week (I am in week 4 out of 6 of the LBB!)

Saturday: Arms and AMRAP (that means As Many Rounds As Possible, I had to ask and this kicked my butt)

Sunday: Legs (did this in my neighbor’s basement gym! It was very hot)

Monday: Push/Pull (too many pushups)

Tuesday: Swim 3000 yards

Wednesday: Shoulders & Arms

Thursday: REST

Friday: 6 mile run with some stretching/yoga/aka staring at the ceiling and contemplating life

Food wise I am still trying to stick to my diet plan with the LBB and it is FREAKIN HARD. I hate dieting and avoiding my carbs. I hate not having a glass of wine after a long day at work and pumping and baby watching. One thing that has been super handy has been making protein smoothies in the AM. It is an easy breakfast to drink on the way to work and since I usually workout at 5AM, it is a great post-workout snack. I’ve been buying this ‘smoothie starter’ green kit and it has been tasty.

I did get all Betty Crocker on Sunday and make this Chicken Minestrone soup and it was amazing. I made a double batch and added a can of corn and a can of kidney beans for some extra farts, I mean fiber, I mean protein. πŸ™‚

xoxo Lillian

Hi friends! Last weekend the hubs and I took a weekend trip to New Hampshire to visit my cousin and her boyfriend. I had big dreams of trying to ski (with my brace of course) but my knee has been a little wonky so we stuck to some safer activities like snowshoeing, walking, and ice castles. We had a ton of fun and our hosts fed us some delicious home cooked meals! We almost didn’t make it on our trip because our dog, Banks, decided to go rogue the previous weekend eating a bunch of things around the house and needed an emergency blockage removal surgery last Wednesday. Thankfully our pet sitter is a vet tech and she was able to give him a lot of extra love and administer his drugs like a champ. I am happy to report Banks is doing great now and eager for his cone of shame to be removed πŸ˜‚ Now for workouts this week:

Saturday: Snowshoeing

Sunday: Walk

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Chest + Cardio

Wednesday: Back + Core

Thursday: Walk/rest

Friday: Upper body mishmash

I’ve been acutely aware of the fact that my 30th bday is creeping up and decided to really dial in my nutrition right now. The game plan is to roll into my 30s feeling bomb.com as a lean mean machine 😘 I’ll keep you all posted with sporadic pictures (maybe)!


The End of the BEST Staycation

I (Megan) am headed back into the office on Monday. I have really enjoyed the last 2ish weeks at home; however, I am ready for the “real world” to start back up again. I am about as type A as they come and a structure in a day is super important to me. For example: Yesterday I parked my butt on the couch from 8AM – 11PM WATCHING NASHVILLE. My couch and I developed a serious relationship and we basically became one.


I really need to work on my wall decor…

I wrestled with hitting the gym this morning and decided that given the way my knee felt I should hold off until the afternoon. My knee tends to be at it’s worse in the early morning and at the end of the day. She is my fave. I ended up in the pool this afternoon for my first swim of 2018! I put a few (possibly too many) miles on my knee this week walking. My fingers are crossed that tomorrow my knee is back to normal and I can do my BELOVED Sunday leg day.

Note sure why Garmin is showing this in miles, everywhere else on Garmin Connect it is shown in yards. Way to go Garmin.

In other news… the Balanced Besties are seeing each other next weekend! Lily is headed my way with her minion to hang for the weekend! We are determined to take a bunch of pictures so that all of our pictures on this blog aren’t from our weddings and the triathlon we did last May. Lil is working with my old trainer, Paige, and I am so excited for her. As we have mentioned before I LOVE lifting and Lily is new to it. Paige does one on one online and in person training AND she runs online bootcamps throughout the year. I am sure Lily will keep you all posted with how she is enjoying the bootcamp. I worked with Paige for 18 months and loved her! Your girl is actually featured on her home page and in the testimonials!! I miss my wedding abs for sure, I have a feeling my 30th birthday abs are going to smoke wedding abs though πŸ™‚ I am pretty excited to get in the gym together while she is here and lift. I was in Michigan a few months ago and we did one of Lily’s favorite things (swimming) and I could barely keep up. If you look at some of the times she posted in yesterday’s post, she is already smoking me again. It was fun being her equal in the pool for a day though πŸ™‚ She was hardly 2 months postpartum when I was visiting haha. If I was willing to do flip turns I MIGHT be able to keep up with her for a little bit, but alas, I have decided to only do things I enjoy when it comes to fitness and flip turns are not one of those things. Have a great weekend!
Q: How was your first week back in the office?
Q: What workouts are you getting in during this COLD FREEZE?

Weekly Work Outs + Friday Food Favorites

Lillian here and this week has been a complete DOOZY (does anyone use that word?).

I am back at work full-time, maternity leave is officially over, and I also started a 6 week lean body bootcamp (SO SMART, I KNOW but Trainer Paige is awesome and has a baby about the same age is mine). Trying to get out the house at 4:50am to get to the gym, go to work, pump enough for baby’s food, and find sleep with nighttime feedings have caused me to be exhausted this week.

BUT it is so worth it and I love this new chapter in my life. I find myself at work happy and excited to be in my desk, but then eager when my time’s up to get home and see my little nugget. I also am loving this bootcamp so far – but the low carbs are really putting my self-control through the ringer. Also, I have never done weight-lifting in my life so it is pretty challenging for a weakling like myself.

My meals were really boring this week due to bootcamp. Lots of hard boiled eggs, veggies, and grilled chicken. Instead, let me show you what is GOLD for Β WORKING MOMS – this Sarah Wells Lizzy bag.

This bag has eliminated me from crazy-bag-lady status. I can hide my pump in here, all pumping accessories, fit my laptop, water bottle, and purse. BOOM. Only have to carry my lunch bag in addition to this. The side compartments are insulated so you can even through a freezer pack in there with breastmilk. I love it. MEN – get your breast-pumping wife one of these. It is amazing.

Saturday: ran 4 miles at 8:20
Sunday: 3000 yard swim
Monday: rest
Tuesday: lower body workout
Wednesday: 2400 yard swim and mobility stretch
Thursday: upper body workout
Friday: planning on doing a HIIT workout or swim… but my arms are DEAD from yesterday.

xoxo Lillian


I have REALLY enjoyed this last week home from work, I am not sure if I have ever really taken a staycation. I have been doing lots of cooking, hanging out at the gym, seeing friends, and just enjoying some good ole alone time.

It is hunting season right now and my husband has been MIA chasing after some birds. The best meal we have made this week was definitely last night! We roasted an entire mallard with a bunch of root vegetables and served it with a warm farro side dish. To make the side I cooked up the farro in chicken stock, in a different pan I cooked down a bag of spinach, some garlic, and a few chopped up dates in lemon olive oil. Mix it all together and voila! The pictures definitely don’t do the meal justice.

I mentioned in my last post that I took a fabulous spill on NYE. That being said work outs have been a little weird this week.

Saturday: 7.17mi/2hr run-walk on the treadmill
Sunday: 3.21mi @ 8:21
Monday: rest
Tuesday: back and chest lift
Wednesday: chest and accessory lift + 1hr treadmill walk (3 miles)
Thursday: lower body lift (limited) + 1hr treadmill walk (3.5 miles)
Friday: ran in place for 90 minutes while watching nashville haha

Hope every one has an awesome weekend, I am back to the couch for more Nashville. I have been crying like a baby for a few episodes so this post was a welcome break : )