Weekly Work Outs + Favorite Foods

This week for our (almost) weekly update of what we have been up to in the gym and kitchen, we are going to be covering the last two weeks. I (Megan) ended up with a nasty cold and left Lily hanging last week. It’s a good thing this blog is just for fun and neither of us are staking our livelihood on it! As you can see in this beautiful snip from Garmin, I tried to stay active at the beginning of the cold and then I just kind of died. I find it so amusing how whenever I am sick I end up wondering why I don’t appreciate breathing out of both nostrils more in my daily life. On Tuesday the 14th I started to feel pretty crappy, I took off Wednesday, Thursday, was off Friday, and off Monday.I was getting really frustrated with how little energy I had for those days, thankfully this week I have most of my strength back and this cold is basically gone.

My appetite most days was pretty non existent. This led to many days that I didn’t eat until 1pm or 2pm and in an effort to not add salt to the wound I would eat a larger meal. When you are sick it is super important to get some good stuff in because well, that is your body’s fuel! I can’t really expect it to heal if I am not fueling it.



My two favorite sick meals included these two beauts. On the left is a tortilla with shredded chicken, roasted red peppers, and lots of kale. Perfect mix of nutrients for a dying bod. On the right is a carne asada caesar salad. The base is more kale and broccoli, there are a bunch of croutons buried in there, carne asada, green onions, and a light caesar dressing. It was perfect for my lack luster taste buds and desire for salt!

Once I am back to 100% I will be getting an article up about some awesome projects my hubs has been working on – hint: we have a new table and just sold our first wood wedding rings!



Happy Friday! How is it already half-way through February?? I’m over winter and so ready for Spring people. I’m also officially over (or I should say done) with my Lean Body Bootcamp. I have a goal to post about that later — love the results! And I am definitely loving lifting now (Megan has led me to the dark side, still don’t like legs) and the high protein diet.

Work Outs:
Saturday: Ran 6 miles
Sunday: push/pull workout
Monday: legs
Tuesday: 3000 yard swim
Wednesday: back/tricep workout
Thursday: 2500 swim with stroke workout
Friday: legs

Saturday: Ran 6 miles at my parents house… super fun because it was my old stomping grounds!
Sunday: chest, biceps, shoulders
Monday: legs
Tuesday: 3000 yard swim
Wednesday: MyZone gym workout! This was fun… I’m going to start doing it 1x per week. It is a group that works out and does weights, HIIT, etc. We had to do sled pulls which were killer and the trainer is super nice.
Thursday: Rest day πŸ™‚ Taught swimming to a 3 & 4 year old which is kind of like a workout haha.
Friday: legs

Food this week was pretty much the same but I did make a killer soup and dessert.

The soup was a Lemon Chicken Quinoa and it was delicious. Recipe here. The dessert was Sweet Potato Brownies — SO GOOD. I used almond butter and that worked great – also, you could substitute the cocoa powder with protein powder for some extra meat. I didn’t use maple syrup and just added a bit of honey and found them sweet enough. I don’t have a picture of the brownies because I ate them all before I thought to take a picture. WHOOPS.


Also, including a pic of me now because I can easily fit in all pre-baby clothes and I feel like a million bucks. ROCKIN THAT MOM BOD, GUYS.



xoxo Lillian


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