Lily in DC!

Goood Morning!

It’s been a few weeks since Lily joined me in Virginia was a fun weekend of friend things. First things first, I got in an awesome workout in the morning, stopped at Costco to grab a bunch of flowers, and worked a full day. I am super into floral arrangements lately and put together this beaut in anticipation of Lily’s arrival. You should never stop wooing your friends ; ) Lily’s flight was delayed a few hours and she got to be a badass mom just momming around at the airport with her tiny human. On top a delay, once she landed in DC and went to grab her stroller from gate checking she discovered that one of the clips that attaches the carrier to the seat was MISSING. Not an ideal start by any means BUT when she came strolling out of the airport wearing Sloane, pushing a stroller with a partially attached child seat, and pulling her carry on she was beaming. GF CRUSHED it. I would have taken a picture of this spectacle but the airport staff directing traffic in the pick up area was trigger happy and close to giving me a ticket as I pointed to Lily being like I WILL NOT TAKE A LAP HOLD ON.On Friday night we just hung out around the house and caught up on all the things. On Saturday morning we headed to the gym and went through one of Lily’s Lean Body Bootcamp work outs. I love love love teaching people proper movement so Lily got a crash course in some of her exercises. Thankfully she is an awesome student and really enjoyed it. After we got back to the house and cleaned ourselves up we went to go meet one of Lily’s friends from grad school. We had a coffee date, lunch date, and then walked around the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria.

After coming home we all went a little crazy playing with face swap. It is pretty terrifying putting a baby face on an adult. It is also very weird when a child with light eyebrows all of a sudden has some epic dark ones. Lily and I actually don’t look too terrifying. What brown beauties we are.

Sunday we hit the gym again and I dragged Lily through a work out full of squats and deadlifts. She was a trooper and by the end her form was on point. Sunday we hung out around the house, ate snacks, had some other friends over with kiddies, and had a relaxed Sunday.
Every time Sloane and I are reunited we will recreate the above pictures. On the left she was 7 weeks and on the right is 16 weeks old. It is crazy how much more aware of her surroundings she is now. Look at her, just chillen and reading books by herself. So self sufficient.  She didn’t dig into the snacks we made but we surely did. All the food was gone by the end of the day. We actually ended up making some more chicken once more friends came over. It was pretty great to have healthy food to snack on and not feel like a load in the morning.
I always find it challenging to graze throughout the day without feeling super full. This is a skill I am working on because I have found that lately I much prefer weekends where I graze on random things rather than slave away on meals. Sunday’s are normally prep days so I don’t really get in the groove of cooking unless the mood really strikes.


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