Learning to Lift Weights

I am in my 5th week of the LBB and have learned A LOT.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 7.03.23 PM

Well, actually, I thought I learned a lot but then I visited Megan and went to the gym with her to lift and she blew my little lifting-socks off and taught me even more. Let me say, prior to this bootcamp, I NEVER ( I am not exaggerating people) lifted weights. The few times I wandered into that ‘scary’ area of the gym, I would usually find a safe looking machine (one that looked like a simple chair, or perhaps park bench with minimal torture devices sticking out of it). I would then sit on safe looking machine and stare into the weights and wonder about seriously important things like do people actually iron their socks and if so, do they also feel the need to iron their underwear.

I have always loved cardio and preferred it, but now I realize that I never tried lifting weights and that was probably the main reason I was heavy on cardio.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 7.02.55 PM

In these 5 weeks I have learned:

  1. How to work all my body groups – legs, arms, back, chest, buttocks, etc.
  2. That it is okay to completely fail at trying an exercise and even doing an exercise missing the weights.
  3. Weights is not about speed – slow and steady, so you feel the muscle work. (this took me like 3 weeks to realize because I kept thinking you had to go fast like running! and swimming! ha)
  4. Some days are not lift days (just like some days are not made for running) and that is okay to recognize that and do something else.
  5. Dumbbells, contrary to their name, are not dumb at all.
  6. I had no idea a bench could be slanted in so many different directions and cause muscles to work so much.
  8. Back and arm lifts are my favorite.
  9. Leg day is my least favorite (which is Megan’s favorite!)
  10. I still find the machines super intimidating and the people that grunt.

My progress in this program has been quite slow (I will post on this later) and that is mainly due to having a baby that is full-time breastfeeding. I learned quickly in week one that I cannot restrict my diet very much and if I don’t drink enough water, milk goes down immediately. If I don’t have enough fat, it goes down. Baby is not happy when milk isn’t quality, let me tell you.


I have lost some inches, pounds and gained a lot of confidence in lifting. I have been able to stick to running/swimming for my HIIT workouts, which is nice. I feel like I have found a balance with my diet where I can see some results and keep milk-monster happy.

If you are thinking about trying something new, I say GO FOR IT. I kind of signed up for this camp on a whim and was like ‘Yes! I am going to do it!’ and then the day before it started, I was kind of freaking out and like ‘Oh my gosh, I have no idea what to do with weights. This is uncomfortable. Haaaalp.’ But I am really glad that I am trying something new and love challenging my body.

What are you thinking about trying new this year?

xoxo Lillian


4 thoughts on “Learning to Lift Weights

  1. Yassss you are a lifting machine!! I like your previous deep thoughts about socks and underwear, valid concerns. I’ve dabbled in the weight room maybe five times the last year, but I think my love for muscle Work is found in yoga. Which I need to make more of a priority! I’m glad you’ve found a balance for yourself and for the milk mongrel, laaavee you.

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  2. Megan here – I am so proud of you for tackling this this year!! I love that we can bond now over my one true love. New things to try this year… I want to schedule a session with a trainer at my gym to learn the snatch, clean, and clean press!


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