The End of the BEST Staycation

I (Megan) am headed back into the office on Monday. I have really enjoyed the last 2ish weeks at home; however, I am ready for the “real world” to start back up again. I am about as type A as they come and a structure in a day is super important to me. For example: Yesterday I parked my butt on the couch from 8AM – 11PM WATCHING NASHVILLE. My couch and I developed a serious relationship and we basically became one.


I really need to work on my wall decor…

I wrestled with hitting the gym this morning and decided that given the way my knee felt I should hold off until the afternoon. My knee tends to be at it’s worse in the early morning and at the end of the day. She is my fave. I ended up in the pool this afternoon for my first swim of 2018! I put a few (possibly too many) miles on my knee this week walking. My fingers are crossed that tomorrow my knee is back to normal and I can do my BELOVED Sunday leg day.

Note sure why Garmin is showing this in miles, everywhere else on Garmin Connect it is shown in yards. Way to go Garmin.

In other news… the Balanced Besties are seeing each other next weekend! Lily is headed my way with her minion to hang for the weekend! We are determined to take a bunch of pictures so that all of our pictures on this blog aren’t from our weddings and the triathlon we did last May. Lil is working with my old trainer, Paige, and I am so excited for her. As we have mentioned before I LOVE lifting and Lily is new to it. Paige does one on one online and in person training AND she runs online bootcamps throughout the year. I am sure Lily will keep you all posted with how she is enjoying the bootcamp. I worked with Paige for 18 months and loved her! Your girl is actually featured on her home page and in the testimonials!! I miss my wedding abs for sure, I have a feeling my 30th birthday abs are going to smoke wedding abs though 🙂 I am pretty excited to get in the gym together while she is here and lift. I was in Michigan a few months ago and we did one of Lily’s favorite things (swimming) and I could barely keep up. If you look at some of the times she posted in yesterday’s post, she is already smoking me again. It was fun being her equal in the pool for a day though 🙂 She was hardly 2 months postpartum when I was visiting haha. If I was willing to do flip turns I MIGHT be able to keep up with her for a little bit, but alas, I have decided to only do things I enjoy when it comes to fitness and flip turns are not one of those things. Have a great weekend!
Q: How was your first week back in the office?
Q: What workouts are you getting in during this COLD FREEZE?


One thought on “The End of the BEST Staycation

  1. AWWW I’m so excited and jealous for your play date together. YAY for Lily working with Paige, then you two can start your own lifting posts and I’ll be your first customer. I’m on vacation, and it’s warm where I am. Well, warm to me. I walk and hike. DASS ITTT.

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