Weekly Work Outs + Friday Food Favorites

Lillian here and this week has been a complete DOOZY (does anyone use that word?).

I am back at work full-time, maternity leave is officially over, and I also started a 6 week lean body bootcamp (SO SMART, I KNOW but Trainer Paige is awesome and has a baby about the same age is mine). Trying to get out the house at 4:50am to get to the gym, go to work, pump enough for baby’s food, and find sleep with nighttime feedings have caused me to be exhausted this week.

BUT it is so worth it and I love this new chapter in my life. I find myself at work happy and excited to be in my desk, but then eager when my time’s up to get home and see my little nugget. I also am loving this bootcamp so far – but the low carbs are really putting my self-control through the ringer. Also, I have never done weight-lifting in my life so it is pretty challenging for a weakling like myself.

My meals were really boring this week due to bootcamp. Lots of hard boiled eggs, veggies, and grilled chicken. Instead, let me show you what is GOLD for  WORKING MOMS – this Sarah Wells Lizzy bag.

This bag has eliminated me from crazy-bag-lady status. I can hide my pump in here, all pumping accessories, fit my laptop, water bottle, and purse. BOOM. Only have to carry my lunch bag in addition to this. The side compartments are insulated so you can even through a freezer pack in there with breastmilk. I love it. MEN – get your breast-pumping wife one of these. It is amazing.

Saturday: ran 4 miles at 8:20
Sunday: 3000 yard swim
Monday: rest
Tuesday: lower body workout
Wednesday: 2400 yard swim and mobility stretch
Thursday: upper body workout
Friday: planning on doing a HIIT workout or swim… but my arms are DEAD from yesterday.

xoxo Lillian


I have REALLY enjoyed this last week home from work, I am not sure if I have ever really taken a staycation. I have been doing lots of cooking, hanging out at the gym, seeing friends, and just enjoying some good ole alone time.

It is hunting season right now and my husband has been MIA chasing after some birds. The best meal we have made this week was definitely last night! We roasted an entire mallard with a bunch of root vegetables and served it with a warm farro side dish. To make the side I cooked up the farro in chicken stock, in a different pan I cooked down a bag of spinach, some garlic, and a few chopped up dates in lemon olive oil. Mix it all together and voila! The pictures definitely don’t do the meal justice.

I mentioned in my last post that I took a fabulous spill on NYE. That being said work outs have been a little weird this week.

Saturday: 7.17mi/2hr run-walk on the treadmill
Sunday: 3.21mi @ 8:21
Monday: rest
Tuesday: back and chest lift
Wednesday: chest and accessory lift + 1hr treadmill walk (3 miles)
Thursday: lower body lift (limited) + 1hr treadmill walk (3.5 miles)
Friday: ran in place for 90 minutes while watching nashville haha

Hope every one has an awesome weekend, I am back to the couch for more Nashville. I have been crying like a baby for a few episodes so this post was a welcome break : )


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