Weekly Work Outs + Friday Food Favorites

2017 is slowly slipping away, Lily and I both shared a little about our aspirations for 2018; if you haven’t read yet, check it out: Dirty 30 (plus 1) + My 2017 Lessons Learned. We want to hear some of your reflections on 2017 and goals for 2018, make sure to share some in the comments!


Saturday: 60 min octane xr6000 (sit down elliptical basically) + 60 min treadmill walking
Sunday: 5 min stair master + awesome hamstring focused leg day + 40 min run/walk
Monday: rest
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: back/chest/accessory work + OODLES of abs
Thursday: glute focused leg day
Friday: total body, focus on core and upper

I had a strange training week. For the cardio adverse person I am, I ended up with quite a bit of it. I had a final to take on Monday and spent Saturday bouncing around cardio machines and reading about cloud computing security techniques and tactics. I am happy to report that I earned an A on the final exam! So I suppose, all that cardio proved to be useful. As for my lifts this week they were pretty rad. My husband has been hunting a lot this week so I have been alone, which means I have longer gym sessions! Sunday I did 50 reps of a handful of exercises that toasted my hamstring (squats, RDL, wide leg deadlift, reverse power squats, single leg lying hamstring curl, trx bulgarian split squat). On Wednesday I did a finisher of hanging knee raises and rotated through three different pull up grips for the exercise, my shoulders and core are TOAST. Thursday we all about the booooooty and Friday was mostly core and upper body again.

This week has been totally all over with food. On Sunday I went to a party at a friends house that was based around a jamon iberico. My girlfriend received it from her husband as a wedding present. What a gift right?? She also prepared SO MUCH FOOD that was all very delicious. I normally don’t really eat bread or cheese but everything being served had bread and cheese : ) I tried a bite of just about everything and it was totally worth the slight lactose induced stomach ache.Β Our families start rolling in tonight for the holiday week. We are hosting both sets of parents, siblings, and dogs! I have never seen our fireplace with so many stockings, it melts my heart a little bit. Happy Holidays every one!!


Saturday: swim 3000 yards
Sunday: ran 6.5 miles IN FREAKIN ARTIC-CONDITIONS. 4 miles of this was in 12 inches of snow THAT HAD NOT BEEN CLEARED. I felt very foolish but also very viking-like.
Monday: rest
Tuesday: swim 3600 yards
Wednesday: ran 5 miles at 8:35 pace OMG GUYS.
Thursday: rest, took bouncy Pilot for a 2 mile walk with stroller which makes me feel like a circus act
Friday: swim 3000 yards

Let me show you what I ran in on Sunday – use this picture for reference:


This is looking out the front of my house on the second floor. Very pretty. Very peaceful. There is something soul-healing about undisturbed snow. I decided to venture out in this. Hey, I was feeling happy, the baby was fed (my chest wasn’t going to leak), I felt ambitious but about 3/4 miles into this run I realized that the sidewalk I THOUGHT would be plowed, was in no way touched and I was going to have to high-knee-run through it. Whatever. I made it and did not lose any toes.

As for favorite foods, I am totally loving beets lately. Kroger has got these awesome little packages of 6-7 beets ready to eat. I love the white wine soaked ones and add them to salads or just eat them like candy (but not too much because you know, that stuff really looks strange coming out the other end…):


I also love CARROTS. Like, not the baby fake ones, but the real ones that Scarlett O’Hara ate without washing so didn’t starve to death.

Peanut butter is pictured, because, duh.




One thought on “Weekly Work Outs + Friday Food Favorites

  1. Haha beet poop is fascinating to me. Along with asparagus pee. Basically anything I can detect coming back out is like a science project. Well done on that final Megan, and HOLY CANOLI Lily that snow run. You’re a beast. So much no about that for me. haaaha.


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