Weekly Work Outs + Friday Food Favorites

Earlier this week Lillian’s husband decided to add us to a challenge group through Garmin Connect. We all love our Garmin watches (which we can write up reviews of eventually) and are admittedly quite competitive. Mr.Speedy set himself up for a quick win. This challenge was directly tied to the number of miles ran in a week. Seeing as Lillian is 11 weeks postpartum and that I can only run once a week before my knee starts crying, Mr.Speedy crushed us.

We decided that on Fridays we will do a weekly wrap up of our work outs and share a favorite meal from the week. This blog is still in it’s infancy (hello 2nd post!) and we are excited to have a diary that shows two people who train and eat wildly different and how that changes over the years.


Saturday:4.31 mi @ 8:49
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Lower Body Lift
Tuesday: Back + Chest + 60 min outdoor walk
Wednesday: Quad focused short leg day + 40 min incline treadmill walk
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Shoulder + Biceps + Triceps + Core + 60 min outdoor walk (with another friend and her 6 week old!! whom I wore!)

I over worked my knee last weekend, I did a spin class at Zengo last Friday and ran on Saturday morning. We hosted a large holiday party Saturday and I was on my feet for well over 12 hours. That combo left my knee swollen and with an inflamed and angry PCL. When I got to the gym on Wednesday my legs were weak and still tired from Saturday + Monday so I listened to my body and just walked. Consistency is better than perfection!As for my favorite meal this week I am going with Friday breakfast: sweet potato, pulled pork, spinach, and eggs. When I work from home I make myself a proper breakfast and find great joy in sitting at the table for a few minutes in the morning to enjoy my food. On a normal day I eat in the car on the way to work and normally have coffee w/ protein powder and fruit, nothing to write home about for sure.


Saturday: swim 1800 yards @ 1:37 pace (should have pumped pre-swim because holy floating chest Batman)
Sunday: ran 5.4 miles on death-mill @ 9:08 pace with constant hills
Monday: rest
Tuesday: swim 3000 yards @ 1:33 pace (THIS FELT SO GOOD YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW)
Wednesday: 2 mile walk in Siberia-Snow-Michigan with bouncy puppy
Thursday: rest
Friday: Hope to go to gym later when Mr. Speedy is home to watch the tiny child OR I MIGHT GO DUNK MY HEAD IN THE SNOW AND STAY THERE.



(Saturday was Pilot the golden retriever’s 1 year birthday. We drank wine. And by we, I mean me.)

One of the biggest challenges postpartum and with an infant, is the adjustment of not being able to workout on my time. I have found this to be one of the most difficult things with life with a baby. Pre-baby I could come and go to the gym as I pleased or just lace-up my shoes and bolt out the front door for a quick run. Now, I have to carefully plan each workout around her sleep/eating schedule, make sure my boobs aren’t full of breastmilk, and ensure there is an adult with a pulse nearby to watch her. I am working on staying positive with this new routine, but I am not going to sugar-coat it, it really sucks. 

You will learn quick that Megan has WAY better meals than I do, and way more protein than I do. Dinner 3x this week was a bowl of cereal and then a glass of wine later. This Great Lakes Red wine was a big two-thumbs up.



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